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Are you down with OCP? If you - like me - have watched the classic Film Robocop about 100 times, I bet you are! The future has a silver lining, and it's Robocop, this AWESOME pinball machine from Data East. This is a gorgeous condition Robocop game, the nicest I've seen, with all new LEDs, posts, and lower plastics. All your favorites are here - Dick Jones! Clarence Boddicker! Emil (the toxic waste guy), and of course the I'd Buy That for a Dollar dude! And last - but certainly not least, E.D. 209, THE hot military property of the next century! This game is a dream for any Robocop fan and it's fast and brutal. The sound - in DIGITAL STEREO no less - is nothing short of awesome, with great techno music and your favorite catch phrases from the movie. There's even a cool "jump ramp" you need to clear. I LIKE IT! So fire up your 6000 SUX, and come on down to OCP and buy this amazing pinball machine. Nail the spinner, jump the ramp, and groove on quite possibly the best movie-to-pinball adaptation in history. You have 15 seconds to comply!!!! Check out this amazing review of this game here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0lQ7bLZDj7I
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Manufacturer: Built by Data East in 1990
Theme: Modern Machines
Notable Features: jump ramp, multiball, stereo sound
Price: $2799
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