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Stellar Wars
Look at this gorgeous Stellar Wars! This is one of only two super widebody games built by Williams, with a playfield almost 30 inches wide! But only designer mastermind Steve Ritchie (Spiderman, Game of Thrones, Black Knight, T2, High Speed, etc.) could pack so much fast playfield action in such a wide package. Three banks of drop targets, two spinners, and 5 pop bumpers keep the action hot and give you plenty to shoot for. A very satisfying game when you can max your bonus at 5X and nail the lit spinners for big points, and an exciting art and early digital sound package make Stellar Wars - the best-selling widebody game produced in the vintage era - a fantastic game all around, and an early digital landmark. This Stellar Wars is in magnificent shape, and has been shopped out with many new parts and gorgeous LED lighting! Great game.
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Manufacturer: Built by Williams in 1979
Theme: Vintage Classics
Notable Features: 10 drop targets, two spinners, captive ball, five pop bumpers, super widebody
Design by: Steve Ritchie
Price: $2199
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