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Look out....it's FLASH, the game that dominated arcades in 1979 and proved that pinball was instantly evolving into something faster and meaner. Flash was the first big hit for design mastermind Steve Ritchie, responsible for more big sellers than any other designer. This game was the first to feature background sound and cool thunder effects, and had a great flow withe the three flippers, loop shot, and a spinner you can nail for huge points. You can shoot the drop targets to light features and score bonus, and for me the left flipper is for slamming the spinner all day once it's lit. One of only three games to sell over 19,500 units, Flash is a hall of fame pinball machine that still kicks butt today. This game to me is the true bridge between "modern" and "vintage" eras in pinball. This Flash is in remarkable shape, with a gorgeous playfield and cabinet, and a rare mint original backglass. Looks and plays like new.
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Manufacturer: Williams - built 1979
Theme: Vintage Classics
Notable Features: drop targets, third flipper, background sound
Design by: Steve Ritchie
Price: $1999
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